CQB Group International Team:

Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura     



CQB Group International - Chairwoman 
Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura is the Great Great Granddaughter of His Majesty King Rama IV of Thailand.




CQB Group International - Founder, Director and Head Instructor - Bob has 30 years international combative experience;

veteran of the Former Yugoslav Army - Member of Special Operations Unit, Counter Terrorist Unit, Special Police Unit, Dignitary Protection Unit and Intelligence officer. One of the pioneers of modern-day close quarter battle.

A highly distinguished martial artist with more than 30 years experience in various fighting disciplines.

The founder of CQB Group International Bob brings expertise and experience from the east bloc, adding to the diverse range that CQB Group International offers.





  CQB Group International 
  Thailand - Director 







CQB Group International – Senior Instructor & Representative - Singapore for APAC


David Chu  
CQB Group International - Director of Great China 




 Served in the Turkish Military,Founder / Chief Instructor of Xtreme Freestyle Combat( Certified by I.C.M.A.U). Over 23yrs  as a  Security Specialist and Security Advisor. 

Certified Level 2 & 3 Security Instructor, Batons & Handcuffs Instructor, Bodyguard / Bodyguard Instructor , Unarmed Special Forces Instructor, Master CQB Combatives Instructor, Australian (Victoria ) POLICE Firearms Instructor, Level 3 CQB Tactical Firearms Instructor.


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